Sunday, April 27, 2008


Have you guys ever registered at a store for anything? We did when we got married. It was really fun, taking that little zapper thing and making an ultimate wish list. I know that people sometimes do it when they have babies, too.
Well, I have a new idea that I would like to sell to the powers of capitalism. A gift registry for anyone who is potty-training. Buying toys is the only thing that has worked for Levi, and had I known this before I would have done it a year ago. For a while we were bribing him with Disney cars (from the movie). We have since bought just about every single one. Now, to get him to poop we have promised him a tool set. Result? 5 times in a row, just like that!

The only problem is potty-training, like getting married or having a new baby, is breaking our bank. We need a potty registry to keep this thing going.
Hmmmm.... maybe it is not our bankbook with the problem. It is that our 3-year old is way smarter than we are, and is milking this experience for all its worth!

Friday, April 25, 2008


If you are all by yourself, and you sneeze, do you say excuse me?
I just did and thought it was odd.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

is it just me...

Or does everyone have to clean their house before a babysitter comes over?
We are having a sitter tonight, and I have just spent the better part of the morning cleaning the house. That doesn't include that I still need to clean the bathroom, do laundry so that the kids have "nice" jammies to wear, and clean their room so no one sees what sort of pigsty they normally sleep in. I have already given up on the office, there is just no time to worry about that, hopefully this girl is not an internet lover. ..
I used to think that I would never care about things like that, but come on, who wants to see old yogurt on a high chair tray? It's a good thing hockey is over (for us), and hopefully things won't be so out of hand next time

Monday, April 21, 2008

sleepy heads

Today I did not get out of bed until 10!!
Earlier this morning I woke up to Enoch mumbling and bubbling. I thought to myself, unless it is after 7, there is no way I am getting up to get him. I forced my eyelids open, only to see that the clock said 8 o'clock! After getting Enoch, it was obvious that he was still sleepy, so he came back to bed with me and we cuddled for another 2 hours as he slept. Levi got up a little before 9, and just read books in bed with me. What a great morning! Now if only we could go outside...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

time for a little note

Things of note, lately;
Enoch is stringing words together, his favorite is "I want _________" (you fill in the blank). He also prefers to eat at the table instead of his high chair.
Levi can FINALLY pee by himself. He just goes and does it, woo hoo! He can now draw pictures of people. They are awesome. He drew one of Josh and pointed out "Daddy's big mouth."
Josh only has 2 exams to go.
I have apparently been shrinking. Today at my yearly check-up, I was told that I was 5'6". Thats two down from what I thought I was. If only they would do that for my weight....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

a day to remember

We had lovely day yesterday. After lunch Levi and I went for a walk together, just the two of us while Enoch was napping. He rode his bike (tricycle) and we went at his pace. He had the time of his life, he has never really ridden his bike for more than a few feet at a time before. He got quite good at it; once he started pointing his handlebars in the right direction. Then we came home and played with Enoch in the "back-ard."
We were going out to a picnic for dinner, but before we went Levi had some some cereal at the table and I went over to the computer to check something. Of course, as one often does while in front of the internet, I got carried away and left him for a while. I called out to him to see if he was OK, and no response. That's funny, I thought so I called out his name again, and still no answer. I got up to check on him, and there he is, dead asleep, curled up on his metal chair in the shape of an egg. Head resting on his hands. I guess enjoying the nice weather all day yesterday really tired him out. Thank-you sunshine!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Levi wanted to see pictures of me on here... so here they are.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

hair cut

I did it! I cut Enoch's hair. He has the very typical, "my mom cut my hair" look. As does Levi. of course, my camera is out of batteries, so you'll have to accept these photobooth pics.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

my other half

I love my husband. He is a wonderful person and friend and companion. We have lots of fun together. He does have one big fault, however, and that is that he can not dance. For real. I learned this early on in our relationship, and have since given up on the hopes of Josh one day taking a dance class and falling in love. It just ain't gonna happen. It is not his fault, though. He has a serious condition of where his head is literally to far from his feet, and his neurons just can't fire quick enough to make the movement look good. He knows this. I know this. And now even Levi knows this. The other day as father and son were doing a fun little jig to some music while just playing around, Levi forcefully informed Josh that he was doing it wrong and showed him a better way to do it.