Thursday, July 26, 2012


This has been such a fun and busy month for us!

It all started with me leaving the kids for 4 days and going to YWs camp. What a blast!!! I felt like I was seventeen again. Probably acted like it, too. My highlight was getting dunked by a fellow leader into the lake. Love immaturity like that. I know the kids enjoyed their time with Dad lots, too. Not sure how much Josh enjoyed it, but he survived quite well and never complained.

Then we went to Montana to spend 10 days camping. We camp right on Flathead Lake. The weather was great and the water warm. My highlight would be training for my tri with a swim that didn't require turning around twenty times. Thad was quite grumpy the whole time; he hardly slept, and acted pretty impossible on the most part. By day 7 or 8 he finally started to feel at home and enjoyed playing in the dirt and swimming and splashing in the lake. Levi loved getting to play with all his cousins, and Enoch loved the hills he could ride his bike up and down. Monet (she's asleep, but I am assuming) loved playing with Jaymeson and having big cousins dote on her. I had a really fun tube ride with Josh that ended with a few crashes but no sore vertebrae, so that would definitely be another highlight.

Next in line we just finished a week of basketball camp. My parents came down from Calgary with a car loaded with 6 kids. We carted them all (including Levi) to Magrath everyday for camp, and then came home and went swimming in the pool here in town. It was crazy but lots of fun at the same time. All these city kids thought the way things are done around here were a little odd. They were amazed that if you wanted a snack, you could go outside and pick some fruit or grab some veggies from the garden and indulge.

Oh, and somewhere in all this we had our first ever Settler Days that we were able to attend, inlcuding a 5k race in my pyjamas and Josh's band playing during dinner at night. We also had a niece get baptized and a youth temple trip. I will add some pictures to this post soon. I just wanted to write something before nothing ever happens.