Friday, June 26, 2009

week off

Josh has had this week off and it has been so nice. I got to go out for lunch, have naps, go for runs, and despite all that we have gotten a lot done. Our office (/scrapbook) room downstairs is coming along very well. Josh found a SWEET desk on kijiji for only 30 bucks. It is huge, heavy, and of very good quality. It even has built in filing drawers.

Let's see, what else? We have worked lots outside. We anticipate selling our house next year (most likely, not for sure sure). With that in mind we are trying to improve the eye sores around the yard. Patchy grass, weeds in the fire pit, overgrown trees etc. I have just finished reading Swiss Family Robinson, and have felt like them as I have tried to make improvements with only the stuff we have on hand. I was quite pleased with myself when I turned our broken ironing board into a strainer of sorts to separate the rocks and dirt that I had dug up. Even now I feel as though I am the narrator...

Not much else. Oh. We did spy an unusual animal around our house the other day. Have a look:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

why my husband is...

Mr. Darcy

1. He is quite handsome.
2. He prefers the over-opinionated type.
3. He does not like to be laughed at.
4. He is anti-social among people he does not know.
5. He would be very generous with his money. (if he had any)
6. He avoids dancing whenever he can help it.
7. He is a good big brother.
8. He thinks his mother-in-law is crazy. (But not THAT crazy, Mom!)
9. He is a most loyal friend.
10. He loves fine eyes.

things to make and do


Easter Eggs

Sunday, June 7, 2009

the little one

It is no secret that I wanted a girl. Not that there is anything wrong with boys, but after having two of them it felt like it was time to have a girl. I was so delighted to have a living, breathing female in the house to side with me in the future when the rest of the family doesn't want to go shopping, or when burping at the table becomes too rowdy.

However, getting used to a girl certainly was a new thing. I couldn't call her a princess at first. But now I do all the time. I still swear that she will never dress up in princess clothes, but I am sure that, too, will change with time.

Pink was a bit foreign at first, but I am used to it now. It helps that Nemo looks like a boy unless she is in pink. Dresses still seem a little silly to me. Don't get me wrong, she is adorable in dresses, but whenever I put then on her for church she just looks a little....I don't know. A little.... fake. Like she is really this total tomboy with rolls from her elbows to her knees, that is dressed up for Halloween to be a girly girl.


"That's my baby mister." (sister)

"That's not a banana. That's a pearrot." (After trying to convince him that he wants to eat a pear because it is yellow like a banana.)

"Mommy?" He says, with is beautiful blue eyes all wide and curious.
"Yes?" I answer back.
"Toot!!" And then he runs off laughing at his joke.

He is also doing quite well with potty training. Every week there are fewer and fewer accidents. Way to go, buddy. High five it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

you are me when...

When you know that blue washable marker washes off of faces more easily than red washable marker.

When a 10 minute, uninterrupted shower feels like a day at the spa.

When laundry takes on himalayan proportions.

When you consider Kraft dinner with frozen veggies and hot dogs gourmet. (Hey- its not pancakes or cold cereal.)

When you are expected to know how, what, why and when about everything all day long.

When words come out of your mouth that echo your mother's words from years ago that you swore you would never say.

When a day of shopping includes Wal-mart and Superstore, and of course, nowhere near the mall.

When the bigger work out at the gym is to and from the car rather than the treadmill.

When you covet the naps your kids get everyday.

When even though most (not all!!) of what you do is tedious taken for granted, you still love your life.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my friend

We have borrowed a few books on poetry for our kids from the library lately. They are great.

I have a true friend
who never lets me win
not that it is a competition really

By the time I can say thank you
for her most recent rescue
there she is giving to me again

Whenever I stop by
she's got a gleam in her eye
and I go home with frozen dinners or fresh muffins

She is selfless to all around
here in Saskatown
am I ever glad I've known her since I was four!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sci high

There is a bug that is in our house that just won't go away. I have had it for a long time. In high school I really enjoyed having this bug. Then my husband caught it when we moved here and he is now sicker than I ever was. The boys enjoyed a day in Calgary with this science bug at the Calgary Science Centre.