Monday, December 14, 2009


Enoch had his Joy School program on Friday. We went to St. Anne's, a retirement centre. At the end the singing etc., the program director went up to each kid with a mic and asked them their name, age, and what they liked best about Christmas. Some answers were "Giving Presents," or "Decorating Christmas Trees." Enoch very quickly and deliberately answered "Star Wars."

Not so funny:
Perhaps this is why when I made him put down an Anikan Skywalker action figure at Walmart the other day he bit me.

Josh's internship is going well and coming to a close this week! One of his students recently asked him, "Where do you get your clothes? Is there a teacher store somewhere?"

Not so funny:
I woke up from an afternoon nap to Enoch's sweet face saying, "Sorry, Mommy." I got up to find a black sharpie used all over the living room wall and the computer. At least he didn't touch the screen, though!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I just got my wedding pictures put onto a CD. It is sort of embarrassing to say that we got married before digital cameras were the thing. They were out there, but most certainly weren't the norm. Here are a few of my favorites.

I am sad to say that I am a few pounds heavier than those days.... but at least my teeth are straighter!

Take a guess, when do you think we were married. Don't guess if you know.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ten boom

I am reading The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom. It is such a good book! My book club read it a few months ago but I was away and never got to it. It is really so good. I highly recommend it.

The book is about a Christian woman's struggle as a citizen and then a political prisoner in Poland under the Nazi regime. Realistic without being too gruesome.

OK. I need to clean my house and there is really no reason why I am writing this other than procrastination.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

clean up time

We have all been home lately. Levi stayed home from school today, he's not really that sick but he has a bit of a cough and well, its -37 degrees with windchill out there. Not really worth starting the car to take him to Kindergarten.

So, the house has been getting messy. And messy for me means REALLY messy for you. Trust me, my clean is your dirty. I know this cause I learn it from your kids all the time. Don't worry, this doesn't hurt my feelings. Anyways, the place was a disaster this morning. Not only did we play yesterday, but I also dry packed 50 KILOS of skim milk powder and oatmeal, among other things. So ya, the place was not visitor friendly. I had meant to clean it last night but I fell asleep in the chair with Enoch playing on my lap. Oops. I think we both fell asleep that way.

Long story short, today we played clean up in a whole new way. We had Star Wars Lego Garbage Ships that received special chips with instructions from the Republic headquarters. Each chip had a new instruction on what to clean up (along with fighting bad guys). It was fun and I had lots of help, for once!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This year December is gonna be a little different than usual.

For starters, I do not have any decoration up. Not yet, anyways. With the lack of snow (until today, yay!) I just haven't really felt like it was Christmas time. I can recall 3 years ago when we were already knee deep in snow. I think my decorations were up before Halloween that year.

No tree. WHAT!, you may ask? There really isn't any room for it this year. Our main room is a playroom/living room/library/family room/office/music room. No room around here. Maybe we need a stable? And besides, even if we did have room we would need a fence around it to keep Little Mo Peep out of it.

We are staying extra long. Usually we head west to Calgary as soon as school permits, but there are so many things that need to get done around here that we are gonna stay until the 22nd or 23rd. Properly flushing toilets and doors without holes are sort of important when you want to sell your house in the spring.

Festivus for the Rest-of-us! Normally I am too cheap to go and do anything fun, but with the possibility of this being our last year in Saskatoon, I want to make sure that we go to the Light Festival and drive through the Enchanted Forest. Anyone want to come along?

No baking etc. I love treats, but I also love smaller jeans (at least I can imagine that I would). This is the only way......

I do hope to get some sewing done. I have unfinished stockings and stockings to make that really should be taken care of... Levi is 5 now, and I think it is time he should have a stocking free of unfinished edges.

There are a few hampers I have been dreaming up for other people, and I am excited to get those done up. One of them is for Joy School and I hope the kids get at least a bit as excited about it as I am.

What does your December look like?