Wednesday, October 31, 2007

emergency meltdown

Normally I am a sane person. Normally.
But when it comes to minor injuries and blood and my children, I lose control and all rational thought. I can't help it.
This morning, due to my neglect, Enoch accidentally hurt himself in the mouth. Big screams and cries. Not a big deal, I can calm
him and pat his back and make him feel better.

ENTER: blood from mouth and nose

Now I am in hysterics. I am yelling at Josh to get up. I feel faint. I can't walk to the door. I sit on the ground and hold Enoch while I panic and make Enoch panic all the more.

ENTER: wonderful husband, calm and quiet, kindly explaining that I am making it worse for Enoch because I am scaring him

Ok. Scaring my child is the last thing I want. I calm down. I find the car keys. Whew, at least they are easy to find. Health card,
another easy one (thank goodness). We go to the ER and everything is fine. No stitches, vitals normal, bleeding slowing down,
instructions given on care and red flag signs to watch out for. Bo-benic is fine. I lie down on the hospital bed with a cold cloth on my head, but at least it isn't the floor this time. I can think clearly. Rational thought begins to flow again and I can function
without aid. I can reflect on how happy I am to know my kids are tougher than I am in these situations and that I am the only
lunatic in the family.

Monday, October 29, 2007

temple trip

We got to go to the temple on Saturday with a bunch of people from our ward here in Saskatoon. It was such a blessing in some ways, and one of the most tiring experiences of my life in other ways. It was so incredible to be able to attend with Josh and take a break from the world and feel the peace and quiet that you can only get at the temple. It was great to attend with friends and family and feel a bond grow with them. It was inspiring to reflect and learn and think about my Saviour.

Then we got on the bus ride home. It took hours. HOURS. And our kids were crazy. CRAZY. All they wanted to do was run around and do anything but sleep like they normally do in the afternoon. 3 hours of kids in a vehicle without seatbelts is torture. Makes me wonder why on earth anybody would ever have preferred the "good ol' days" when kids could roll around the car without restraint. I imagine parents trying to drive with their children's faces eclipsing the windshield and arms/legs grabbing at the steering wheel and gear shift. Whew. Am I ever grateful for modern day conveniences.

A temple trip is always a good thing. But I think next time I will re-evaluate our choice in mode of transportation. I am only now recovering from this trip. Bus rides are not for the faint of heart.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I love pumpkin pie but I love these pumpkins even more.

Friday, October 26, 2007

true love

I absolutely love this tree. It is incredible. In the spring it boasts delicate, clustered white flowers that look like snow resting on its green boughs. In the summer it becomes covered with red berries (for birds, not kids I remind Levi) that contrast the green foliage. In the fall its leaves stay green the longest on our block, and then burns bright orange, red and yellow, so that our yard looks like it is on fire as you approach it from down the street. In the winter it is barren, but then it allows the most sunlight possible to hit our cold house to help keep us warm. Like I said, I love this tree.
It is too bad that it is framed by an awful peachy-pink coloured house that turns my Monet into graffiti.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ahoy matey

Starting tomorrow we will be adopting a pirate in the family. For about an hour a day or so, that is. Levi went to the opthamologist's today and we are trying to patch as a last resort. Well, its the last resort before the last resort: (surgery). So, just in time for Halloween we have a new inspiration for a costume.
He was so good today, by the way. Much impressed with his cooperation in the eye chair. I wonder if he will be as good when we visit the dental chair. According to his tooth brushing record I would say fat chance.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2 kids + 1 mom + 1 camera =

Not too much.

I thought it would be fun to take the boys to campus and get some scenic pictures of them amongst the trees, buildings, etc. It was more difficult than I thought, they had lots of fun, but unfortunately that meant that I didnt get any very good pictures.

They might not be the best pictures, but I least I caught some digital personality.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

baby shakes

No, I am not an unedjumecated momma feeding her child chocolate milk to rot his teeth. I am not a crazy lady who gives strawberry milk to her baby to develop his sweet tooth. I am, however, the one who is giving her baby milkshakes to get him to gain weight- and its working!! Bo-bene has gained as much weight in the last month as he did in the previous six months combined. He is certainly enjoying this new burst of growth and energy. He is everywhere. He is on everything. I caught him on the kitchen table at least half a dozen times today already. I found him on his dresser the other day, who knows how he even got up there. I like this new turn in Enoch's life. He is more lively and opinionated and fun to be around. He participates more and gives me silly looks when he is into something he has never seen before. It is so fun to watch him discover life bit by bit and be amazed with something as simple as a spoon hitting the hardwoods, or a box on top of his head.

Monday, October 8, 2007

bedtime battleship

For the last few weeks we have been having some bedtime troubles: Levi does not want to go to bed when he is supposed to. It has been pretty action packed at nights, we would go in there and never have a clue where Levi was going to be; behind his bed, on the dresser, behind the crib, underneath the crib, IN the crib..... you can see how this gets frustrating, especially when he wakes up his sleeping baby brother. This kid has stealth and moves the Russians would have wanted to exploit.
This all took a climax when Josh and I went to the temple last weekend and the kind and dear babysitter and auntie could not get Levi to go to sleep at all. He was a pest to put it nicely. He ended up sleeping in our room before the night was through and we got home. (Sorry, guys).
So we made some dramatic changes. Levi has this whole little routine before bed where he has rules that he repeats, like closing his eyes and being quiet. And it actually works!! Looks like his future for espionage is going down the drain.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

toddler take-over

Enoch is up and at 'em these days with his new ability to walk. It is pretty cute to see how proud he is of himself whenever he goes a long distance. I am now out-numbered 2:1 by toddlers, and I have a fear that they are planning a revolt.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

stay tuned...

I am sorry for the bad signals and lack of programming lately. There are 3 really good books out there that I HAVE to read. Right now. I am already half way through the second book, so it shouldn't be too much longer. Until then, my thoughts are turned away from facebook, cooking, email, and children, and are thirsting after Edward, Bella, Jake and the rest of the town of Forks.