Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am sitting here with my niece, Marvel, and am showing her the wonders of blogging. We are both Harry Potter freaks, and have finished the books and now have time for other things, such as this website. She wants to see games on here, and I have absolutely no idea how to do that. Anybody? Can it even be done?

Friday, July 20, 2007

monkey see, monkey do

I was doing Cart-wheels to get Levi to eat his veggies. It worked at first but then he wouldn't sit at the table, he wanted to be in on the action. I admit that he doesn't have perfect form (who can blame him with me as an example), but it is mostly for his expressions at the end that I am sharing this video.

city of parks

We get to go to the park almost everyday cause, we have nothing else to do and it is always warm (did I ever think I would be saying that about S'toon?). Levi is flying his first kite in the first pic, you cant tell, but it would really pull him. I was very proud at how tight he held on. He must have learned from an earlier experience at the mall when he let go of his balloon. Enoch is quite the spiderman on the slide, as long as I can keep him from eating the rocks. And the last pic is of Levi not wanting to go home.
Did you know that Saskatoon has over 190 parks??

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

tag team

My kids, who like to be The Rock and Stone Cold at times, sometimes prefer to be the Bushwhack Brothers. They like to team up at bed time against their nemesis: me (the one who is trying to make them go to sleep). They have this new game, where Enoch, from his crib (the ring), can reach the light switch and flick on the lights. I go in there and turn them off, and move his crib so it is out of reach. Levi then is tagged and is able to push the crib back into position so that Enoch has free reign over the light switch again.
They did this for over an hour the other night. Laughing like crazy with every move they made.
I dont mind a bit being on the wrong team, as long as they realize moves like this as teenagers aren't going to entertain me quite as much.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

spring cleaning in july

Today was a wonderful day. I have been home alone with the kids all week, and this morning I woke up NEEDING a break. Pam and Kyle were kind enough to take the kids swimming for an entire 2 hours. It is astounding what one can accomplish in such a short amount of time when she is used to having two kidlets running around. I learned some things while cleaning my garage:
1) spiders can look like mice in your peripheral vision
2) I still have my volleyball kneepads from junior high
3) mice can poop in many odd places
4) lowering heavy objects is much easier than lifting them back into place
5) my garage door opener is still nowhere to be found, despite this thorough clean
6) cleaning is fun, but not as fun as a hot fudge sundae from McDs after sweating for 1.5hours, especially if enjoyed while watching The Office.
Thanks Kammy and Kyle!!!

mommy 101 someone get their head unstuck between the wall and the bed
....go bathing suit shopping with a double stroller
....make up games on the spot, like how to brush away a monster
....make funny faces while eating dinner without realizing it
....step on a car and slide across the floor (just like the movies)
....cuddle a baby till their hair curls
....have boogers handed to you
....carry more things in your arms/hands/teeth/neck than you ever thought possible embarassed at the store slowed down at the store because of people wanting to talk to the cute kids in your cart
....a good sleep is unacceptable
....forget to brush your teeth in the morning, despite being a hygienist
....kiss scratched knees and mosquito bites
....change dirty diapers like they are going out of style
....sing, dance, do dishes and play, all at the same time
....admire the beauty of a sleeping child (and enjoy the peace!!)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the boy who cried woof

Levi has this new thing that he likes to do whenever he in being told what to do. I think it started when I asked him to stop being so 'rough' with his brother. Now he uses the same word to show a little disobedience as he does what is asked. Granni asked him the other day to stay upstairs and not play downstairs. "Ruff, " he said. I asked him to put on his glasses, and he answered with a "Ruff." He does the same thing if I remind him to be nice to his little brother, or to go eat his food, or anything else bothersome but necessary for a 2 year old. I am just glad his bark is worse than his bite.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

we miss you daddy

Here are some pics to remind you of home. Some will make you homesick, others just might be a cure.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

jeepers creepers

Do you or do you not trust an auto mechanic? After spending way too much money getting my jeep ready to hit the road and see my hubby, my car is now worse off than when I took it in this morning. Bad acceleration I could deal with, but crazy shaking of the steering wheel when you're going ninety down Circle is a little scary. I would much rather have my old car back, thank you very much. Really, though, what's the deal? Cause I know many people always think their dentists are trying to rip them off, but that is a case that I have rarely ever seen. (Have I seen it? Maybe I've just heard about it). Perhaps if I were an auto hygienist I would feel I could trust these guys, too. Hmmm. As it is, I need a real cheap, real honest, unsexist mechanic who is available tomorrow. Know one?