Thursday, July 8, 2010

home sweet home

As promised, here are some highlights in no particular order.

A look a some of the trees/bushes at the front of our yard. These are all sour cherry and Saskatoon. (sniffle)

Our house from the front. Nothing fancy, and needs a lot of taming.

YES!!!! A master ensuite where I can pee at night without waking up the Monet. (pronounced Monette)

Pantry off the kitchen. Need I say more?


Chicken coops. There are more not pictured, that need to come down seeing as they are S.C.A.R.Y.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

new house

I couldn't post about our new house before- partly because we had never seen it, and partly because it seemed like it wasn't real. This last weekend we were able to go and see our house. It lived up to our expectations, and more! The inside was as nice or nicer than what we had expected, and the outside was as wild or wilder than we had thought. After just a few short days, though, it was already beginning to feel like home. We were really welcomed into the new town. I guess it helped that my Dad's generous cousins live there.... between them, their kids, and grandkids, we were brought rice krispie treats, dinner, and had our lawn mowed - including our garden area that was so overgrown with weeds you would have never known it was a garden. Friends from Saskatoon were there, too, to greet us and even take the boys off of our hands for a day. Thanks to everyone who helped with the move from this end to the other end.

Our house here sold last night! We are so happy about that. Now we have some moola so that we can buy the riding mower and rototiller and trailer that we are gonna need to keep this new place lookin' good,

I took a few pictures but of course left the cord at the new place. So, here are a few pictures that my parents have sent previously. Nevermind, I can't get into hotmail. You will have to wait to see the new place.