Friday, April 20, 2012

new friend

My friend showed me a fun website for tracking what you eat and how much you work out. It is very user friendly and well thought out. I am finding it super helpful to plan out my meals for the day, see what all I am eating, and then snack accordingly. (Who knew pepperoni sticks were 220 cal each? - no more eating 3 of those cause I am simply bored ). If interested, you can check out the website here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

March flew by and April is already almost half way done. We went to Calgary for Easter, which was fun as usual. The kids played with their cousins constantly, and even if a movie was on they were having too much fun to stop and watch it.

This is a big year for Levi, as he is turning 8. He recently found out that his grandmother will pay him $100 to read the Book of Mormon. He is game for that and has made a goal to read it by the time he is baptized. He tends to be a bit of a spaced reader, so we asked him to come to one of us at the end of each chapter and review it to make sure that he is soaking in some of the content. I've been impressed thus far with how much of the story he is understanding. Recently Levi's choir participated in the Kiwanis Festival, and we got to go hear them sing. He is not sure if he wants to continue with choir next year, but is still practicing piano with the promise of drums down the road.

I can't believe that Enoch is almost done Kindergarten. Didn't he learn to walk last week? After a failed attempt at piano lessons earlier in the year, he is now showing interest and we have "lessons" every few days or so. He is reading very well and likes to show off by reading the scriptures upside down when we read them as a family. We are still working on riding a 2 wheeler and hopefully it won't be too long before we can post some pictures of him in action.
Funny story: The other day Enoch wanted to ride his scooter to school and insisted on wearing his ski helmet and ski goggles. It was pretty awesome seeing him in his perceived glory showing up to the kindergarten room in all his gear. This guy always like to dress for whatever the occasion.

My little Monet is growing up to be quite the girl. I call her my Mini-Me because we get comments hinting at such so much. She does and says things that I did as a child. She is fairly stubborn, and really likes to do things all by herself. She has also been known to shout out at the camera, "Take a picture of me!" Which is something I used to bug my parents about constantly. I can really see a lot of her Auntie Annie in her though, too, so I guess that means perhaps that Josh and I look like siblings? Don't worry- I've done my genealogy and everything is OK. Monet can be either be extremely sweet or excrutiatingly demanding depending on the circumstance. I've never seen a child with such mood swings before. Luckily, there are a few things that will always brighten her day; Berenstain Bears, Thad, marshmellows, raisins and Starfall.

My baby is trying to grow up way too fast and it nearly breaks my heart. After several months of army crawling, he graduated to the real deal a couple weeks ago. Soon after he learned to crawl up and fall down the stairs. He is standing with the help of furniture and drinking real milk and not saying too much. He loves being outside in this lovely weather and tries to eat as many rocks and and leaves as possible.