Monday, December 3, 2012


Ever since my oldest was born I sort of dreaded the day that he would turn 8. Accountability sounded a lot worse than automatic ticket to heaven. Sounds appalling, I know. But as time would have it, luckily, we have a healthy and happy 8 year old boy and he turned 8 last month. On the 24th he was baptized and it was really a wonderful day.

Josh and I were talking on our way to the stake centre, and remarking how really it wasn' t that scary or crazy and just felt right and good that our Levi is making this choice and step in his life. Instead of feeling like, uh oh, our kid might not make it anymore, we were so happy that this opportunity is available to him and that he took it. Like all baptisms, the spirit was there witnessing to us that this is the right thing and what our Heavenly Father wants. What I wasn't expecting was the emotional side of things to pick up the pace, watching your own son and your own husband walk down together into the waters of baptism is a very surreal experience. And of course that's not enough, now you get to see him sit in a chair and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was wonderful to see him sitting there, in his new suit and tie. All handsome and clean and pure. He sat there reverently and my mind flashed forward to 10 years from now when my little man will be a missionary. Is that even possible? 8 years has flown by fast enough, I can imagine the next 10 will go by in a heart beat.

To say the least, it was a very special day. We had lots of family come and visit and show their love for us and Levi.