Saturday, April 30, 2011

the blanket

Monet got a wonderful, cuddly, cute, soft, pink blankie when she was born. She loves it and sleeps with it every night.

We left it in Calgary a couple weeks ago, and had a difficult night the first night back. She quickly adopted a new blankie that Levi liked and all was well again.

BUT - then we went to Saskatoon. We had arranged for the blanket to meet us there, but that fell through. We soon discovered that the combination of Monet without her blanket and without her own bed equaled a complete disaster. Well, a disaster if sleep is something that you require or want.

Monet did not sleep. No naps unless she was sleeping on Daddy's chest, she would not fall asleep at night. Not even with me laying next to her bed for HOURS. She would eventually sleep in MY bed, between me and Josh. Not so comfy when you consider we are used to a king sized bed for two, and we were sharing a futon for three. AAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhh!!! It was pretty awful. Needless to say we took the long route home and stopped in Calgary on the way to Stirling. Monet slept that night at her Gramma's without a fuss or tear, all night, with her beloved blankie. And I am happy to report that she has been sleeping happily ever after ever since.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This past weekend we went to Saskatoon. It was really awesome to see the old haunts and places that were such a big part of our life for 4 years. It was even better to see our roomies of 3 years and hang out with them for the weekend, along with their kids. Pam and I are both very pregnant which made it extra fun - you can complain all you want about how sore you are etc to someone else who feels the exact same way.

It was also so nice to go to church! How I miss Wildwood! So many familiar faces. So many new ones, too. It was great to catch up with friends, but I quickly realized that next time I need to plan for a girls night or something. 2 minutes at church really just doesn't cut it. Not one little bit.

The Easter Bunny came while we were all at church, and the kids had a blast searching for candy with their cool Easter buckets. Levi and Enoch definitely got their fair share of the candy, the younger kids were just as happy with a few jelly beans and chocolate eggs. We had a great dinner with ham and twice baked potatoes. MMMmmmmm. I asked Levi to sum up what Easter means, worried he might talk about the candy. But he didn't, he summed it up with "An empty tomb."

How grateful I am for a Savior who lived, died, and lives again! I love Easter. I think maybe even more than Christmas. Its really the same celebration, but in the spring this time. What's not to love?

Monday, April 11, 2011

32 weeks and counting

Is it bad to admit that I haven't been all that excited about this new baby?
Until now.

Don't get me wrong, I have always been happy that we are expecting, and this is something I wanted, I just haven't really had the time to think much about it.
Maybe its spring. Maybe it is the fact that basketball season is over. But as this baby in my tummy is super wiggly and as I am getting pretty big and uncomfortable, the thought of meeting this new little spirit is SO EXCITING!!!! I have to admit, I am baby hungry and am feeling lucky that I won't have to wait too long to get my fix.

Monday, April 4, 2011


So this winter was cold. And snowy. I have to admit that as I experienced my first AB winter in 5 years, I thought quietly to myself that the winters here are a little colder than I remember, and just as windy. At the same time, though, I was thinking that things were pretty good and glad the -30 never lasted more than a week or two. I also observed that snow that falls in a certain month usually melts in that same month. Whenever I was feeling sorry for my cold self, I would check the weather network and just be glad that I wasn't still where I was last year. (No offense to any who live there, it is just way colder there!!).

But now I have learned that this winter was an extra cold one for these parts. That is music to my ears. For the last four years February and March have crawled along at such a slow pace that it was hardly even possible to believe. But now, here it is, April, with snow patches here and there on the ground, and I can almost see flowers. The kids play outside regularly. I am so excited for spring, I just hope that when it comes it stays with a vengeance.