Tuesday, December 14, 2010

bragging rights

Enoch: Is my dad bigger than your dad?

Friend: Hmmm. My dad has spiky hair. Everyday, all day.

At this point Enoch concedes and grants biggest dad to his friend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Levi has started piano lessons. Initially he was really opposed to the idea, even after the incentive that he could learn to play drums after he learns to play the piano. After talking with him, though, I found out that he was worried that he wouldn't get the songs right. Since he has discovered that he doesn't need to play them perfect, only his best and that is what lessons are for (learning), he has had a much more positive attitude.

The pressure he puts on himself worries me sometimes. Like a few weeks ago he was asked to say the 11th Article of Faith in primary. He did NOT want to do it, not until he found out that he didn't have to have it memorized and that he could get help reading the words. Is this me doing this to him or is it something he does to himself???

I am grateful that he is always willing to talk and am relieved the solutions are simple enough. I hope it stays that way and that he always likes talking to his momma.