Monday, February 22, 2010

adventures in parenting

So it has been almost two weeks since we have all been up and at 'em. It started with Levi and a cold. Then he and Enoch both had fevers. Then they were fine for a day or two. Then the fevers came back. Levi's went away right away. Enoch's persisted until I took him to the Docs and was told he might have pneumonia. (?!?!) Meanwhile Monet picked up the bug and has had a fever for quite a few days. The upside is that she is SO cuddly. It's nice, cause she is getting real big and won't be cuddly for much longer.

The down side is I have been feeling not so hot. Today all I wanted was a nap.... Monet asleep. Check. Levi asleep. Check. (He will always fall asleep if you cuddle him a bit, its miraculous.). Enoch asleep.... nope. Instead he is locked in the bathroom and neither of us can figure out a way to get him out!!! We've gotten the door handle on and off a couple of times, and still, no luck. Maybe I'll go pass him some books under the door. That'll keep him busy for a while, at least.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Like many others in our situation (or similar), we are waiting. Waiting to know where we will be next year. Will it be in Okotoks? Or down the street?

I hate to say it but looking on mls is even losing its excitement. There are way too many houses to look at when you have the options of an entire province or two to browse through.

Where will you be and where do you guess we will be?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

questions continued

(For my own benefit and future use)

How can Heavenly Father hear my prayers?
Can He fly through space?
Did the dinosaurs die in the flood?
Will the earth be flooded again?
Why was there an earthquake in Haiti?

Monday, February 8, 2010

could it be multiple choice, please?

Lately I have felt as though I am being drilled for answers. Levi is certainly starting to pay attention to what is going on around him. Everything he observes is being processed, and at a higher level than I operate.

Here are some questions he has asked Josh and I this week:
(And as you read it will be obvious, but Levi has been very curious about Satan this past week for no apparent reason)
How does Satan talk to us?
Why does he like to lie?
Does Satan have a body?
Is Spiderman real or is he a 'character'?
Are the dinosaurs 'characters'?
Do adults ever lie?
Why do some people not go to church?
Is Jesus your big brother, too?

Along with these questions, Levi is constantly claiming his own agency. 2 weeks ago in primary they must have had a lesson on it. He came home all proud that we all get to choose for ourselves. I thought this was great and tied it in with the 2nd and 3rd Articles of Faith. BUT, now, when its bed time - he tells me I am taking away his choice. When he only gets a certain snack offered- I am taking away his choice. When he tells me he doesn't want to wear pull ups to bed and I insist he does - I am told I am not being fair and am taking away his right to choose. Overall I think this is pretty cute, and am glad that he is only pulling out the "choice card" at bed time.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Traditionally I have thought Feb to be the worst month of the year. No longer is the snow a novelty, no longer can you ignore the fact that it is -20 outside, no longer can you overlook that you are still months away from summer.

December is OK because it is warmed by Christmas. The month just flies by. All of January seems to be a month to recuperate after Christmas and New Year's. I always start off February trying to remember that it is the shortest month of the year. Yet somehow as soon as reading week is done the month. never. ends. Every March I vow that I will be going away for reading week next year. But once again February has rolled around and I am still here.

Here's hoping for a mild February and an early Spring. Happy Groundhog Day everybody.