Tuesday, February 26, 2008

do i look odd?

Peculiar, maybe?

I have always heard that there are less and less women that are wanting to have babies. But if you visit my ward here in Saskatoon, that is hardly believable.

Last night at work, however, I was the sole woman in the group with children. And further, the sole woman in the group who DESIRED to have children. These other girls were young, married, working.... and that is all they wanted. Reasons? Cause they didn't want to look old. Cause they didn't want to be bothered. Cause they didn't want to change diapers. Cause they didn't want stretch marks. I was shocked. I knew not everyone was gung-ho on the baby wagon, but how on earth does not having kids keep you from turning 65?

They sort of felt bad saying these things to me, worried that I would be offended (these are very good, nice girls, by-the-way). All I could answer is that every sacrifice you make is worth it.

Every dollar spent on diapers and crackers, every day spent picking up toys and wiping down the high chair, every pay check lost to staying home (when possible). Even the change in figure, the loss of abdominal muscles, the loss of hair, the baggy eyes (among other things), the tired mornings, the sleepless nights. Kids are so worth it!!! Why? Cause along with stretch marks comes a stretch in ourselves. We learn, we love, we are loved back, we play, we laugh at things that were never funny before they came into our world. We learn patience (why oh why does that one take so long??!!) We learn that there are things more important than money and vacations and big houses and shopping malls. We learn to value what really matters, and what will last in the long run.

I am so grateful for my boys. They whine and they have runny noses, but they teach me and love me. And for that I am willing to give anything.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Today we went to the zoo. It was minus 3. That is very warm. It was so nice I didn't even wear gloves, or a coat for that matter. The boys, of course, wore a little more. It was fun to get outside. Levi loved being pulled on the sled but Enoch wasn't so sure.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

miss madelynne

She is a very cute baby with lots of dark hair, weighing in at 7lbs, 3oz at birth. She loves to sleep all day and fuss all night. (poor Pam and Kyle!!)

easy as abc

Lately we have been enjoying a website recommended to me by my sister who home schools. It is a great resource for introducing kids to the alphabet and beyond.

Monday, February 11, 2008

from the mouth of babes...

Yesterday Josh popped some popcorn and we watched The Restoration as a family. Levi gathered a bunch of popcorn into his cup and offered me some "snackrament."

Too cute.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

ready or not, will you come?

Is anyone feeling the rut we are stuck in? Are you tired of starting the car 15 minutes before you go anywhere, breathing on one hand while the other one clutches the steering wheel, and making a mad dash to the door once you get to your destination? Lost you temper yet trying to keep somewhat warm while fighting a kid into a car seat?

Movies just are not cutting it anymore. Not after being sick all week and relying on movies to babysit the kids. Everyday Levi asks to go play in the "back-ard". Everyday I am a little more antsy and a little more ready to move to warmer climates. I was excited when February came up so fast! But why is it that the shortest month of the year ends up feeling like the longest?

Can you close your eyes and glimpse for a second warm sunshine and refreshing breeze? Spray parks and leafy tree tops and lemonade and actual dirt all over the kids? Tulips and distant lawn mowers munching and picnics? Spring I am ready when you are.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

midnight movie

Last night I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Well, it was more like in the wee hours of the morning. Why?

No, I am not pregnant and unable to sleep.

No. I am not stressed about money and unable to sleep.

No. I am not stressing about the fact that last night on the way to running a simple errand I managed to smash the car into the garage door and had to get help to close it. It doesn't open now. Street parking for me. But that is not why I was up.

Little Enoch had a fever and was very sad and very cuddly. I think he is just cutting his 2 year molars, so this little illness should be short lived.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

same old

Not much has been going on.

We have been pretty busy but do not seem to really do anything. Levi's preschool is back in business after a week's break, Enoch is getting ever nearer to nursery. I worked Friday and Saturday, so it seemed like there was never really a weekend to split up the work/school weeks.

The kids favorite thing to do lately is play in their bedroom for an hour or so before they finally settle down and go to sleep for their naps. I don't mind. It seems they can get along without me there far better than when I am around. Perhaps it is cause Enoch is stuck in his crib and can not mess up whatever it is Levi likes to do. I sure love to hear them laugh and play together. It gives me hope.

Friday, February 1, 2008


My mother and father-in law are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. My sister-in-law's mother-in-law is going to Israel on the 5th. My friends are going to Hawaii in two weeks. Other friends just got back from a cruise. My boss in going South for 3 weeks.

It has warmed up to a balmy -24 degrees, and that is all I have to look forward to.
Boo hoo for me.