Monday, February 28, 2011


Lately I have been contemplating if I should bother keeping up a blog or not. Seems like the same old is the same old and there is nothing new or clever to write.

Enter my grade 9 diary.

And grades 10 and 11.

These things are hilarious! Written by someone with only half a brain most of the time, complete with the tedium and details of my everyday life (I wrote at least 3 times a week for much of it), highlighted by little interludes of genius - admittedly, unfortunately greatly interspersed . But seeing me grow up has been astonishing! I was such an idiot in grade 9. But by grade 12 I am finally starting to think straight. It has been most interesting and educational to revisit these teen years. Certainly makes me understand my young women a lot more.

I keep a journal now a days. But I write in it every few months or so. It is more for personal and spiritual matters and experiences. But now I realize that if I didn't keep this up tons of interesting information would be lost. Maybe not all that interesting to you, but I am certain 10 years from now I will reread some of these posts and think, "Oh, ya! I had forgotten about that!" or even "And I was complaining about that?!"

Years from now, believe it or not, the diaper stage will be long gone from our home. How will I ever remember the pleasures (ha!) of potty training if I dont write it down? Or sympathize with my children when they have to do the night time feeding routine. Or recall how scary it is to send your oldest child away to school. Or the daily tirades and fights of siblings and trying to get your middle child to eat his dinner or .......

So this on-line journaling stays. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

computer love

Levi loves computers. He originally was only ever allowed to play on educational sites, like starfall (highly recommended for little kids learning their letters etc) and funbrain. But then his father helped him find out about cool sites like lego and such. Levi can now log into his own settings on the old family desktop, which is nice cause the internet is limited to a few safe, child friendly sites where nothing can go wrong.

It is also limited to one hour after which he is automatically logged out.

The other day, I was napping and surprise surprise, Levi never came and got me after an hour. I went down there only to find that Levi had hacked his way in and bought himself more computer time. He guessed correctly both the username and password.


Maybe he will be employed by CTU one day and help Jack Bauer get out of all his sticky situations.