Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Check out this sweet blog for food storage and other ideas. Thanks Jacquie.
Safely Gathered In

Saturday, December 13, 2008

how do you explain it?

Levi is always very excited to see who gets what under the tree. Any unfamiliar present that is placed beneath the tree is almost immediately recognized as new, and Levi wants to know to whom it belongs. I always say, "It's to _______." He is then a little confused and says, "No, Mom, there is only one of __________. There are not two of __________."

So I thought that I would be smart and explain that when something is to someone, it doesn't mean that they are two years old, but indicates that the present is for them. He looked at me and said "Hey! I am four!"

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I won some family portraits last spring at our Relief Society service auction. We had these done in September, and I thought that I would share. I really like the pictures, I just wish my hair didn't look so ridiculous in some of them. Niki Nagy is the talented camera woman.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

potty time

**potty-talk disclaimer**

This last week we have been having potty try-outs for Enoch. Is he ready? Does he even have a clue? Until today I thought that this was pointless. He has yet to even pee on the pot.

But, just today I found him playing in his room. I was doing dishes and thought, "Oh no! He has gone off by himself." As soon as I entered the room he looks at me and says "not poopy." There he is pants up and all, with a big mound right behind him.
HE PULLED DOWN HIS PANTS, POOPED, AND THEN PULLED THEM UP AGAIN!! He is so busted for having a brain. Now I just need to teach him where to go. Apparently he's got the how down to a science.

Now it is the next day. Here I thought I had Enoch: Boy Genius in the family. Not so. It is Mommy: Not-So-Smart, instead. His poop just ran down his leg and fell out. He is too skinny to have his undies fit him right.

This is going to be a long haul, isn't it?