Monday, March 28, 2011

levi is six!!!

and a half.

After posting Monet's birthday pictures, I realized I haven't documented anything for Levi.

We had a fun party back in November. Levi wanted to have a fishing theme, and we went with that. We danced to Under The Sea, played Pin the Fin on the Fish, made our own tackle boxes, and had a fishing pond. The kids loved it. It was a little crazy cause Josh was working during the party, but the boys were all well behaved and had lots of fun.

Levi is a sponge for information. We have a hard time keeping up with him. The questions that he thinks of! We have regular conversations about infinity and numbers and such. He loves lego and anything related to it. Levi can work his way through a computer better than my mom. He is a joy to have in the family and (almost) always tries to do what is right.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


The Monette turned two last week. Or was it the week before last??? How times flies!
A few things I want to remember about her from the last year....

We began potty training. Way before we ever attempted it with the boys. And with pretty good success, on her part, at least. I think she would be better off if I wasn't slow and pregnant and tired. Before our last trip to Calgary she was going maybe 5 times a day, as long as I reminded her. What I want to remember about this is how proud she is when she is done, insisting that I clap for her, and doing a dance and spinning around afterwards. So cute. I also figured out what her best bribe is: youtube. Candy? Works a little. Praise and stickers? Not so much. But the privledge of watching a Pluto or Snow White clip??? You betcha.

In January we switched Monet into a big girl bed. We had to dismantle the boys bunk bed because they kept moving the rungs on the top bunk to make a slide (ya --- a little unsafe!!), so we needed somewhere to put it and Monet's room was the best, if not closest choice. That change of course prompted some nighttime undertakings on Monet's part. We would always find her undressed, sometimes undiapered in her room. That evolved to undressed and redressed with whatever is lying around, only now inside out. She didn't love sleeping by herself and would usually fall asleep at the door, making it necessary to wake her up so we could actually get in there and move her back to bed once we were going to bed. It was a little exciting, opening the door at 11pm not knowing what she'd be wearing or what she'd be cuddling.... she's pretty good now and stopped taking off her jammies once we stopped putting them back on her.

Monet is a helper. She loves to put the soap in the dishwasher. She loves to put things "away," and even do little errands for the boys. She gladly puts her own diaper in the garbage. She loves to read and color with her brothers. She LOVES babies and is so interested in them and has a hard time believing me when a "baby" is as old as she is. I hope her interest and love for babies lasts through this next big change in the family. Monet, like the rest of our kids, loves her Daddy and is always wanting to cuddle with him. She loves to be tickled and loves the piggy game with her toes. She actually lets me do her hair and doesn't put up a huge fight like I always thought she would. Love pig tails. Love her.

Can't believe she is two! Time has flown.

Monday, March 21, 2011

snipits and quotes

Before I posted some quotes from the kids. These are a few from me. I wish I would have thought of this sooner (thanks Lindsay), while I was reading the diaries and not going so much from memory and trying to find them.
Said on my first date, "Not to be rude or anything, but I'm really hungry. Can we get something to eat?"

"I'm so old. Well, not really. Old used to be when your friends leave on missions. Now old is being pregnant with your second child. NOW THATS OLD."

After an argument with my mom about grades and my work ethic "If I ever succeed at anything, it will be because of Mom. But, why can't she just leave me alone over the holidays?"

"I don't know why everyone thinks I like him so much. I don't want him for a boyfriend or anything, I just want to marry him."

Sunday, March 13, 2011


And I love when basketball is over!!!

Whew! That was a long 5 months. Josh has been way busier now than he ever was when he was in school.
I certainly have made a mental note that if I ever run into any of my old coaches, I need to be a little more grateful and thank them for their time (15 years ago....). What is it about being a teen and thinking the world revolves around you? This is no comment on the boys he coaches, but on what my views were at that age.

But on the plus side of things, his season went well. The team wasn't expected to do all that great, but they ended up placing 2nd in zones and 4th in provincials. Not bad for a first season coaching, eh?

Watching a lot of BB this year has certainly brought back a lot of fond memories. I was really close with the girls I played with. I loved the nervousness before a game, and the all out competitive spirit I had. Some of my teams did well and others not so well (0-10 one year!), but there were a lot of life's lessons learned.

I am rambling now. Glad BB season is over, but even more glad Josh coaches BBall and not football!!! At least it is something I love that he has to consume so much of his time with.

PS. I will never be pregnant again during bball season.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

kiddie kwotes

Mom, my brain has run out of batteries.
- Enoch

Daddy, the only thing in my brain is PS3.
- Levi (when not allowed to play video games)

I'm sad that Jesus died and I know I can eat and go to the temple.
- Enoch composing a song

I did it!!!!!
- Monet

Mom, it smells too good so that I don't want to eat it.
- Levi

Q: Mom, what's a tiquity?
A: Well, an antiquity is something really old.
Q: Is Daddy almost a tiquity?
- Enoch

Levi: Is this all the movie is?
Dad: Yes, this is it.
(While watching a scriptural documentary on the NT. You have to know my husband to understand why he picks that to watch the kids Sunday night with popcorn).

Mom, when I grow up I want to be an underwear artist.
- Enoch