Saturday, October 23, 2010

photo update

First off we have a picture of the boys, together, on their first day of school. It is fun that they can share stories and exchange ideas on similar things, such as the coolness of the playground or the choice of books at the library.

Next we have Monet. This is her eating an onion. I literally had to pry it from her hands.

Pig tails!!!!! What a joyous day in my life. My mom called these things wop wollapins growing up.

These last two are the boys painting. We haven't done it again since, although I give full points for the image of gore they were going for.

Monday, October 4, 2010

you know you're in stirling when

everybody you meet already knows who you are.

your new neighbours greet you with cookies.

you start to connect the dots, and see that everyone is related somehow to everyone else.

people around you seem to own more quads than cars.

you run down the middle of the road rather than use a sidewalk.

you can smell a certain something awful in the air.

you can hear more horses and dogs than cars.

you can fly a kite in your backyard (every day of the year).

you discover the BIGGEST scoops of ice cream at the local store.

you are constantly embarrassed that you are driving everywhere.