Sunday, January 12, 2014


I need to write a little something about our sweet baby that is turning into a 2 year old right before our eyes! He is just 8 months, but has been crawling for nearly 2 months already and is quite good at going up the stairs. He is also good at going downstairs, but when he does this he needs someone to catch him as it is a face first free fall.  Zeke got his first two teeth right before Christmas and stood all by himself holding onto nothing just the other day. He still gets up several times a night but at least he sleeps in his own bed now instead of ours.

This little guy isn't so little. By 6 months he was in 12-18 month clothes, and just today his 18 month onesie for church barely snapped up.  I had to really force it. This same shirt Thad wore in the summer time. As in 4 months ago. My family jokes that Zeke's head is a big as mine, but it really isn't true. Not sure why they think that is so funny.

Ezekiel walks with his walker and lights up when Daddy enters the room. He also recognizes when Daddy starts up the missiles and laughs delightedly. We all sure love this little guy. It's sad that he is growing up so fast.