Wednesday, December 21, 2011

parent trap

I read an article last night about parenting which was all too true in many ways. I would link it but there are some questionable words in it so I won't. The main idea of the article was that parenting is the pits 90% of the time, but that those few moments of peace, love, sharing, teaching, etc. etc. make up for it and that the 10% of magic make up for the rest of the mayhem.

So, in no distinct order, here is my list of top ten reasons to be a parent:
1) I love being silly and goofy, and I am finding that the older I get the rarer it becomes. But with a little help from my kids I am able to burst through that shell and have a giddy good time every now and then.
2) Hearing the words that I am the best mom in the world for making the best dinner in the world (minutes after being told the complete opposite).
3) Big hugs when I come in the door.
4) Peaceful, sleeping angels.
5) Morning cuddles.
6) Being shown their imaginative wonders.
7) Reading stories.
8) Being freely forgiven. I think children really are the best at forgive and forget. I always think of this when I hear the Savior's words to become like a child.
9) That moment when their eyes light up and they understand something new.
10) When a baby learns to crawl. That is just the best.

Parenting certainly isn't as easy as I thought as a young adult, but it is a bigger blessing than I ever imagined!