Sunday, October 30, 2011

catch up

I can't believe how fast the first three months of school have been. The big boys are thriving and loving being in school. The little boy is growing so big, and his hair has fallen out on the sides and now he has an awesome mohawk. Yes, a mohawk. Princess has just entered the right of passage of all Stone kids; and now she has glasses, too. Basketball season is in full swing and we miss seeing Daddy.

Some things that I want to remember:
Enoch was reading really well the other night, and Levi noticed and praised him and really encouraged him. Enoch loved the attention and it made my heart warm up a bit. Its a little nerve racking having 2 so close together, I don't want competition to hurt their relationship.

Dinnertime is a little crazy most nights. We have started playing two games that bring lots of laughter onto the menu. It usually starts out with Knock Knock Jokes that make absolutely no sense, and then we move into movie quotes. Last night Josh quoted someone from Atlantis, but no one (as far as kids go) was getting it. Monet piped up Finding Tyrus (instead of Nemo- Tyrus is a most beloved cousin) and for some reason we were all laughing hysterically.

Thad really is such a sweet sweet baby. He is getting older now and likes to play with toys and cries when it falls or is taken away. I think this is so cute and could just eat those chubby little cheeks of his.