Friday, September 30, 2011

enoch turns 5

Enoch turned 5 way back in August while we were in Utah. We celebrated there with ice cream at the creamery. Then we celebrated again with my fam in Waterton with a cake on the long weekend. Just when I was beginning to think I was off the hook as far as a party was concerned, we celebreated again in Sept with a party. he had 5 friends over for a Pirate Party. The boys all really loved to throw water balloon "cannons" at eachothers boats, trying to steal the other team's treasure. It was fun to do and I was amazed at how well behaved all those kids were.

thank you september

Has this not been the September of a lifetime!??! When school started cold and windy on Aug 31 I thought we were in for it. But everyday since has been beautiful, with even some days that hit the 30s in the fall. I can never remember that happening before in my life.
Other than great weather, September has added some more great memories to my life this year....

I turned 31. I love having a birthday at the beginning of September because often I get to celebrate with a long weekend. I remember feeling pretty honoured as a child that the whole country took a holiday to celebrate the day my mom was in Labour with me. This year was no different, and my family got together in Waterton for a weekend of camping and yes, some bears.

The boys are in school. And loving it!! Levi is in grade one and has adjusted to the longer school day very well. Enoch is in kindergarten and only wishes he had school in the mornings, too.

Thad is getting too big for words. All I can say is it is not fair. September has really been a growing month for him.

Monet is a cute as ever, with an attitude to match. September for her means lots of trips to the park and extra long swingtime with no big brothers to spoil the under-ducks. It also means baking together.

September has brought to me a new love in my life; family history. We went to the family history centre in Lethbridge for one of our Young Women's activities and I have been back a couple times since. It is seriously fun, guys!! It's like facebook for dead people.