Sunday, July 31, 2011

july in a nutshell

Thad's Blessing Day (technically this was June)

A couple weeks ago we went to Montana and stayed at a cabin on Ashley lake for a week. That was fun, as always. 15 kids 8 and under makes quite the household, believe me! I am just glad there are people out there crazy enough to rent to us. Highlights of the week would have to include Monet falling in the water twice on the first day, going for little runs/bike rides with Josh, listening to Brian Reagan (water?), and all the yummy food. I think the week was maybe a little overwhelming for my new brother in law, who is used to life as a bachelor most of the time. HA! Just wait till next weekend when we do this again only this time with all of my dad's siblings.

Another memory to record is when we went to Harry Potter 7 Part 2 in Kalispell. I have never been one to take babies to movies, but Thad is so good that I thought, why not? He is always asleep by 9:30 and the movie starts at 10. Turns out he doesn't like movies very much. I spent the first half of the movie in the back of the side aisle burping and nursing the little guy, feeling a little sorry for myself that I was alone while all my family was watching from their comfy seats eating popcorn and the cheap candy I had snuck in from Wal-Mart. But then I really thought about it, how much I love my little boy. Would I really want to trade any moment I have with him for a silly movie? Of course not. Now that I think about it, why did I even care at all in the first place? Where were my priorities? Its amazing how a change of attitude turns a situation around.
We also did bears hump way back for Canada Day. That was fun, the boys did it all by themselves, I was impressed and they really enjoyed it. Josh had Monet on his back and I had Thad in a sling.

Enoch is now a crazy man in the water. No problems with waterslides or getting his face wet. Lessons have done wonders. Monet erased the last 4 months of footage on our video camera. Levi gave a great talk in church last week and even bore his testimony at the end. Thad smiles at us when we play with him. I did a super sprint tri yesterday in Raymond. Josh started tearing down two of our three chicken coops. That was the fastest July ever.

All our boys.

Monet likes to pretend she is a baby.

Can you believe his hair? It does that all by itself