Friday, October 31, 2008

back in the day

This was just too cute not to share. This is Josh around 6 years old.


Our joy school Halloween party.

The boys and cousin Madelynne.

Here are 2 pictures from when my sister, her three girls, and my mom, and the dog came to visit in September.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

family home evening meets joy school

In joy school we have been talking about our bodies and all the wonderful things they do; like seeing, hearing, walking, jumping etc. (Joy school is an at-home pre-school Levi is in that is run by the moms of the kids in his class). We have talked a lot about muscles and blood and bones and such stuff. The one thing Levi has really taken a liking to is the fact that we have red blood cells. There is also a book he loves that shows a body without skin so that you can see all the muscles.

Today when we closed family home evening, his request for a closing song was "We gently take off our skin."

So I made up a song that dealt with us taking off our skin and seeing our muscles underneath, much like the book we had been looking at earlier. Next, Levi made up a song about Jesus losing all his red blood cells when he died for us. I don't know if I should be proud or mortified.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin patch

We have been to the pumpkin patch a couple of times this week. The first time we went we got pictures and I haven't yet put them on my computer. These 2 pics were emailed to me from Laura, who was nice enough to get a couple of pictures with Levi in them. (Maybe he was just blocking her shot of Jost, who knows?). Anyways, enjoy.

And Enoch this whole time was playing with a dinosaur under a table. Roar!

Monday, October 27, 2008

always look....

...on the bright side of life....

Josh and Levi are both sick. Throw up sick. It is very sad. But the great thing is that Levi understands what a bucket is for. Yeah!

Monday, October 20, 2008

my little guy

Levi loves to go downstairs and play with his cousin, Madelynne. The only problem is the door does not lock and he sneaks down there whenever possible without permission.

Today he was trying to go downstairs, and hearing the door creak open I asked him to stay upstairs. He ignored me and continued to try to sneak down quietly. I asked him if he were being disobedient, and yielding, he responded and told me, "No, I am not disobedient, I am just disappointed."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

literal levi

Recently as my mom was visiting she mentioned something that I always knew, but had never realized. Levi is a very literal child. He corrects me on things all the time. This makes me laugh, cause I think that growing up I was the same way.

I asked him if he wanted to sit in Enoch's chair. "No mom, that is a booster seat, not a chair" was his reply.

The other day I asked him to sit on his seat at the table. The Elders were over, which means he gets to sit on the piano bench. he was very disturbed that I would call the piano bench a seat. "No mom, this is a bench."

We call his nighttime training pants his 'nighttime undies', and he does not accept a slip-up when I say diaper.

If I ask him to do something, like get his socks and shoes, for example, he has to do it in that order, no exceptions. If I try to speed things up and get his shoes for him, he will make me put them back and he will get them.

Today I asked him to pass the toy monkey to his cousin, Madelynne. He informatively reminded me that the toy was a gorilla, and not a monkey.

I can't recall similar stories from when I was as young as Levi, but I do recall in high school driving friends crazy with my literal logic. And now I think my husband suffers the same as well. Some things never change.

Monday, October 13, 2008

giving thanks

Top 10 things I am thankful for that aren't so obvious...
1) I shampooed my living room carpet last month.
2) Toothpaste, when used in small amounts, no longer makes me upchuck.
3) We have new, quieter neighbours next door.
4) For my calling, at least I get to learn lots!
5) I have yet to see snow this fall.
6) I live in Saskatoon.
7) My kiddies are naughty cause we all learn from it.
8) My husband is in school.
9) I love living close to 5 different parks.
10) The library. Bring on the free movie rentals!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

i bet you could use a little more "warm" these days

A friend is having a quilt give-away. Check it out to see if you can be the lucky winner!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

enoch the beast

I love my son. He is sweet and oh so kissable and smart and silly and loves to dance crazy and he likes to say "I la lou". He is cute and friendly and smells good. He loves to bathe and help with dishes and likes to sing the clean up song while he actually helps to pick up toys.

Unfortunately, he is also two. He is at the unavoidable age of tantrums and screaming, crying and whining, foot stomping, rule protesting, food throwing, drink spilling, toy grabbing and bedtime prolonging. If you have a two year-old, you are likely nodding you head because you know exactly what I am talking about. I am just so thankful that kids go through this stage when they are still light enough to be picked up in a hurry and cute enough to still be so lovable.

I worry about when my kids will be teenagers and go through this whole stage again, only without smelling good or looking as cute.