Saturday, June 12, 2010

specific enoch

Previously I have posted about Levi being so literal it is hardly rational. ie. You can't call a piano bench at the table a chair, cause its a bench, etc. etc. etc.

As Enoch is growing up we are learning more and more about him. He is specific.

When he is building something with Lego, whatever it may be, he wants it to be just so. Often he can't get the Lego to do what he wants, and he demands that we do it for him. Unfortunately for all involved, we can't see what is in his head, so this has proved to be most difficult. The same thing with pictures. Enoch is learning and loving to draw. But he gets SO mad when it doesn't look exactly like he wants it to. My dear, dear Boy, you are only three!!!! What does he expect?

Clothes are no exception. He always has a shirt and pants picked out already, so don't even bother trying to get him to wear something else. He knows what he likes and he'll find a way to wear it. Then we get to his bedding.... He sleeps with one blanket ONLY, and even if you try to sneak another one on in the middle of the night, he somehow knows and will remove it. Once I tried to give him a different pillow, and I later found it outside his bedroom door in the hallway.

We see this mostly with food. Not only does Enoch love a PBJ sandwich, but he loves it a certain way. Cut in half. But not into triangles. Rectangular halves. And don't even think about ripping it into two at the table. He will call you on it. He wants it cut in half with a knife. And while we are at it, make sure its an orange plate, too!

Watching Enoch get bigger and smarter and taller is sure lots of fun. I love getting to know my specifically special boy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

my sister the hero

My baby (and only little) sister came out this weekend. When she first decided to come out, I thought of going to the river for walks, pinics, a trip to the zoo, and other lovely Saskatoon things to do in the summer. Unfortunately for her, we then realized that listing out house needs to be a top priority.

So instead, we weeded the yard, cleaned up around the fire pit, raked, shampooed carpets, mopped, swept, organized, cleaned, packed.....

She was so helpful I really can't imagine what I would have done this weekend without her.

Thanks Lella and Kuma for coming to visit. I promise your next visit will be more fun and less work.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new pictures

Just a couple of pics. I sure love love LOVE the last one.