Monday, January 31, 2011

bigger and bigger

The kids are really growing up. Here are some of the signs;

Monet can now open doors, she is sleeping in a real bed, and she can take off her clothes and diaper and put on new clothes. It is the funniest thing to check on her at night and see what concoction she has come up with. Usually she is diaperless with a pair of dirty pants (something she finds in the hamper) on instead of jammies.

Enoch is starting to pick up reading. He can't really form the words himself yet, but if he hears a word and there are 3 or 4 to pick from, he can often get the word it is. He is also my first child to sleep through the night without needing pull-ups (known as night-time underwear at our house).

Levi is so big, and this next one makes me sad. He doesn't sleep with his blankie anymore. If its there, sure, he'll cuddle with it, but in reality he no longer cares. He can sleep just as well without it as he does with it. We also have a problem at school. Well, I have a problem at school. I give this little girl a ride home every once in a while when its super cold out. This girl has a crush on Levi and is always proposing to him in the car. Yes, he's 6, but I want to tell this little girl to go home and never talk to my boy again. Is that taking it too far??????

Little baby in my tummy is growing, too. I can feel kicks galore. They are at the cute stage where the kicks don't hurt but just let me know that baby is doing well.

That turns us to me. Yikes. I am definitely getting bigger, but we don't need to talk about that.

Friday, January 21, 2011

who's your hero???

For Christmas Josh got the boys some books called Who's Your Hero? They are illustrated stories from the Book of Mormon talking about a certain quality a hero possesses. (ie. Nephi didn't complain). Then, the book goes into explaining and giving examples of how YOU can be like that same person. They are really great books and I would recommend them to everyone.

Along the same superhero theme....
The boys have taken to inventing superheroes. I am always surprised and even impressed with the names they come up with. They made up Hothead, a head-on-fire kind of guy with real capabilities. Their newest heroes are Boyhit and Fate.
Enoch is Boyhit, a hero who could hurt the whole world but of course doesn't because he is a good guy.
Levi is Fate, who just so happens to be the strongest sword fighter in all the world.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

goal update

How are your new years resolutions??

I thought I would check in to make myself more accountable, and hopefully, more successful.

As far as FHE and scripture reading etc goes, we are doing pretty good. I end up having to do it solo lots because of good ol' basketball season, but hey, at least it is getting done! I think we have missed scriptures twice in 3 weeks. Not bad.

I broke my yelling streak the third morning back at school. Levi totally called me on it and was very disappointed in me. He was mad that I broke my goal. I have been good since. Maybe they are listening more????? I just don't get why some days I have to ask ten times for them to get their coat and boots on. How hard is it, really? I am sure (hope) that my kids aren't the only ones with this problem.

Levi has practiced piano pretty much whenever I ask him. I can't believe it. He is enjoying it a lot.

We have a skating rink shoveled and ready to be flooded in our backyard. Not ice yet, though. Good ol' basketball season strikes again.

I have stayed away from pop and chips. I never mentioned before that I was only gonna eat one treat a day on top of no pop and chips. Well, that certainly hasn't happened and I don't plan on it. Baby steps.

Of other news I had my ultrasound today. We are having a girl!!!

Just kidding. I didn't find out. But baby is doing well and is 9 inches from head to bum. My ultrasound also moved the date back a week, which is no surprise.

I also got glasses today. Purple plastic with sparkles on the inside. (I didn't know about the sparkles till today when I picked them up.) The world seems so..... clear all of a sudden. I decided to finally get glasses after going back to work last week and realizing that I really could no longer properly see 8 inches from my nose. Hopefully I will see better tonight.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

what's in a name??

Here is what the boys and I came up with brainstorming names for the little baby.


Astrid (for a girl)

Sonic Shadow Stone

General Grievous

Nohead Nohair Noface Stone (but this one's just a joke, I'm told -- I guess the other ones previously mentioned were all real)




Plocoon the Bearded Lady

Esther Chester Stone (Esther is one of our picks, but right after I said that the kids paired it up with Chester -- almost ruins it for me)

Tails Stone

Zebra the Lion-Headed Man Stone

Scorpion the no face

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a goal not written....

is just a wish.

So here are the Stone Family Goals we made in FHE the other night.

Practice skating. This was Levi's.

Practice piano. Levi's again.

No more yelling in the morning before school, this was mine and I paired it up with

Listening to Mom in the morning before school.

Family scripture study and prayer every day.

FHE every week.

I feel like a loser that we seem to have the same goals every year. We aren't too bad at a few of them, but then we visit Calgary or go on vacation, and that seems to really throw us off.

Personally I am going off pop and chips for awhile. Why do I consume the stuff when I don't even really like it?

I am also working on potty training Monet. Yesterday we had 2 accidents. I think it was bad on my part that I decided to make and ice 100+ mini cupcakes for YWs; sort of threw off my focus for the day. Here's hoping to better luck today.