Sunday, August 21, 2011

student life

Josh and I headed back to student life for a solid week. It was great.

At first I was totally and completely opposed to the idea of going to BYU education week in Provo. We have four kids, we can't afford it, Thad is too little to leave my side, we have a flourishing garden to tend to, my calling at church..... all sorts of reasons not to take off for a week.

But, like usual, persistence wins and I conceded. And am I ever glad we went!!!

The kids travelled great (on the most part), and Thad was not even a problem. Not in the slightest. He took a bottle when needed and timed his feeds and poops on the long drives as though he knew what was most convenient. My cousin and her husband graciously let us stay in their house for the week. Did I mention they live 2 minutes from BYU???? I did miss my YW, but we made it back on time early Sunday morning for me to attend YWs. My parents also took care of our garden when they got a chance and picked veggies and watered for us. Thanks Jamie/Rob/Mom/Dad!!!!!

The week was incredible! We swapped kids back and forth and attended great classes on a variety of topics. From symbolisms in the scriptures to temple like homes to parenting to money matters to hope in the atonement to teaching kids a through z. The kids had more time with their Daddy than they have had in forever!!! And I had some alone time listening to great teachers. Ahhh, how peaceful. If anyone has been there before, they know how great it is down there. If you haven't been but are thinking about maybe going in the future, I highly recommend it. There are so many things to do with your kids down there, and many of them are free.

Here are some pictures for a quick run-down of what we enjoyed:

Conference Centre and Temple Square

Bridal Veil Falls

BYU Creamery

Fun activity at one of the many FREE museums on campus

Kangaroo Zoo

Went back to Temple Square on our way home

Thursday, August 11, 2011

good reading

What do you do for scripture study? I am usually pretty lame and do nothing but read with the occasional underline. Josh started a discussion blog for the Book of Mormon. If you are interested in reading cool info and/or adding your own, please check it out.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

word from the wise

We just spent a really great weekend with my extended family. My father is the oldest of 11 kids, and so when we all get together it is quite the event. We hiked in Waterton, went to the good ol' family fishing hole, and of course had a family sunday dinner. It was great to catch up with aunts, uncles and cousins. My sister-in-law asked my grandma what is the one piece of advice she would give to someone raising kids. My grandma answered: To never yell at your kids. A couple of my aunts overheard and affirmed that they had never been yelled at.

So, if Grandma, mother to 11 children could get by without needing to yell, I guess I can, too.