Tuesday, November 30, 2010

to post or not to post

For nearly 13 weeks I have thought I was pregnant. For about 10 weeks I have known that I was.

During those weeks I made posts about how awful I felt and kept track of what I was thinking. I thought that I would post it when the time came.

But now that the time has come, looking back through my eyes and my typing, I am a real whiner! Who wants to read that??

So lets forego the TMI posts, and just be happy with the news that we are expecting a baby to make our 5-family a 6-family early June 2011.

Monday, November 22, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

As a belated salute to this thankful time of year, I want to say how thankful I am for my family.

For kids who are so cute they can get away with almost anything.

For a husband who helps clean around the house.

For in-laws who are thoughtful and caring.

AND for a dad who is going to watch my kids for 3 days so I can go to Kalispell for black Friday with my mom and some of my sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

sweet childs o' mine

Enoch has many spiderman/random superhero figurines. He loves these guys and plays solo quite a bit with them. For his birthday he even got a foot and a half spiderman "doll." He loves that thing and will put it to bed and loves to sleep with it. He has an old spiderman figure with webs in his armpits that Enoch is really taking to lately. He calls it "my son." It is so funny! "Mom, have you seen my son?" or "I want to play with my son, now." It cracks me up.

Levi has the idea in his head that we are going to be making a clubhouse this winter. He drew me pictures of what he wants it to look like, complete with color choices for walls and roof. What is really interesting is that his drawings include every angle of the house, front, back, left-side and right-side. I was pretty impressed.

Monet is starting to be a holy terror at church. We arrive just before 1pm and she is crazy. The boys are happy to color or read, while she just throws things out of my purse and speaks as loudly as possible saying the one word she loves most; "NO!" So then I take her to a classroom, let her cry on the floor for a few minutes, then pick her up, squeeze her tight for 10 seconds, following which she zonks out if I am lucky. Sometimes this process takes a few tantrums to get the desired outcome. Today at church, with her cute blonde hair complete with outfit matching bows, all I could think of was, "The Devil Wears Pig-Tails."

One more thing about this girl I don't want to forget is that she tells me to shhhhhh!!! anytime I try singing for her. It is so funny.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I love love love this new show.
Well, its not new, but it is to me.
Just finished season 2 and it was even better than season 1.
Sometimes I ride my bike while I watch so that it is a good use of time. Sometimes I pretend to fold laundry while I watch so that I can pretend it is a good use of my time.

Lately I have been wasting the evening watching 3 episodes in a row with my hands clenched and my heart racing.