Monday, March 26, 2012

movie night

We had a fun weekend watching family movies on our video camera. We don't have that many, partially due to laziness and partially due to Monet deleting half a years worth from the camera last summer. (Including Thad as a brand new babe, Josh singing in his school's musical AND Levi riding a two wheeler for the very first time.)!!!

What we had was still very incredible, though. The kids just loved seeing themselves on the big screen. I am definitely motivated to film more. Today I was reminiscing on here and found a couple gems.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

hair cut


Without thinking I went to town on Thad's hair. It is something I had been contemplating, but not really yet ready to do. I felt like a crazy person; waking up with a foggy memory and nothing but the hard evidence of scissors in one hand and detached hair in the other. He is less a baby and much more a boy now. :(

Since the haircut, a lot of people are really saying he looks just like Enoch. I think they are right!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Today my Monet-girl is three!! Three.

I am saddened that the time is moving so fast. Monet's loves in life right now are the following:

Thaddy-bear. Don't call him anything else, that is his name.
Barenstein Bear books. We read a few of these every day, and she covers her bed with them at night.
Strawberries and grapes and bananas.
Her backpack. BB books go in there.
Her daddy. She just lights up when he comes home from work.
"Helping in the kitchen."
Sneaking treats with Mommy. I always share and we give each other a nod, as in we are saying, "Yup, I understand you, too, Sister."
My Little Ponies.

We love you Monet and are so happy to have you in our family.

so let it be written....

so let it be done!!!

I have formulated for myself a 90 day challenge for spring. And I am doing OK but I think I need some extra motivation.
I pinned the "summer arms challenge" on pinterest and that is part of my routine. But I think I may have sprained my wrist doing burpees (is that the right word?) and so I have let my arms rest for a few days.

I remember as a youth my YWs leader handed out these cards that said, "A goal not written is just a wish!" I kept that card for a looooonnnnngggg time. Loved it. Now I need to apply it.

My spring challenge is to not eat after 7. It is to have only one treat a day. It is to run 3 times a week. It is to do arms 3 times a week and abs 4 times a week. I have specific programs for all this, but I will spare you the details.

There, I said it, out loud. I am now accountable.