Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Had the most glorious outing yesterday. Just to the park. But all 5 kids went, all 5 kids had fun, all 5 kids got dirty and wet and a slurpee. OK, Zeke didn't get one. But the weather was warm and sunny, and not windy and cold.... just lovely.

Ezekiel finally figured out how to go up and down the stairs safely and by himself. We had the stair blocked for almost 4 months, keeping him away from the stairs. So nice to not have to hop over a big chair or a big board in order to leave the main floor. It seems like once this kids learns one thing, he likes to keep going. He took his first steps last Wednesday, and already he is starting to walk on his own often. Since then he has learned how to stand up in his high chair and crawl onto the table. Oh! And don't forget that he now knows EXACTLY what to do if he finds a toilet lid up. He is finally taking a bottle and will be weaned by the end of the month. tear.

It took a long time, but Thad is now potty trained. He was more difficult than the last two to teach (no one will ever be as hard as Levi was, knock on wood), but once we figured out what motivated him, it was a breeze. With Levi it was Cars. Enoch was candy. Monet; Disney youtube videos. And turns out for Thad it is over the top praise and recognition. When the older kids do something in primary, like give a talk or prayer, after church they get to stand on the table and we all clap for them. We then all enjoy a treat, while the child on the table gets a double portion. Well, we put Thad up there once after peeing on the potty, and overnight he managed to figure out how and when to use the potty. He is so cute on the table, raising his right arm up high like a champion. Yeah, Thad!

Monet has loved every minute of pre-school. I can't believe she will be in kindergarten next year. She is starting to get close to knowing how to read, being able to make the sounds but not put them together. She is my biggest helper and enjoys helping me in the kitchen or folding laundry. I love seeing her imagination at work and watching her play with her friends.

It is now November and I never published this. I guess I will now. Sorry Enoch and Levi, better luck next time!

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