Sunday, August 4, 2013


A few weeks ago, Erin's kids were here for basketball camp. I asked Shaylene to be in charge of the FHE lesson. She talked about fears and how prayers help. She asked everyone in the room to name something they are scared of. Most answers were pretty common: flying, spiders, etc etc. But Levi's really got all of our's attention. He said he was scared to kiss a girl! Ha!!! We got a good laugh and I had to get my plug in that of course you don't kiss girls till after your mission, so there is no need to pray for help in that area any time soon.

Thad is potty training. He is doing remarkably well for just turning two, but due to the lack of supervision on our part, he is not doing as well as I would like. I am happy that I only have 2 more to train in this area.

Zeke is so perfect. Actually, that is his nickname; Mr. Perfect. We all adore him and he is growing like a weed. Already 16 lbs.

Levi and I trained for a triathlon and just did the Stirling Tri yesterday. It was pretty fun. He did really well and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to doing this again next year. 

Enoch lost his first tooth. Being one of the youngest and smallest in his class, he had really been looking forward to this event. He was SO happy when it happened. Thad just so happened to help with the process by pulling on something that was stuck in Enoch's mouth when he didn't want him to. Enoch was pretty upset until he realized how loose it made his tooth.

Monet and Zeke are sharing a room. At first it was Monet and Thad but that wasn't working so well. Now Thad is with the big boys, and Monet is with the baby. She is great with him. And as a bonus, now that she is sharing a room with someone, she no longer comes into our room nightly to cuddle. She sleeps through the night on her own just fine. 

We bought a trailer and have been camping lots. So much fun! So much work, too, but at least its bearable. In my mind I sort of thought that with a trailer camping would be easy. But things are never easy with 5 kids, as I was gently reminded on our first camping trip. It was so great to get away without phones and internet and nothing to do but play with the kids. We all had lots of fun both times. I did sustain a pretty sore injury falling off the playground playing tag, though. I need to be more careful next time. We've been getting into football and baseball with the older boys. They are really enjoying learning how to throw and catch. And both have a pretty good arm.

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